What is an SEO Audit? Technical SEO Optimer Tool Checklist


We all perform search engine optimization for our site. Because we know its importance for ranking our site on search engine result pages. We optimize our site as per on-page and off-page factors, try to focus on white hat SEO and avoid keyword stuffing etc. But how can we surely say that we have optimized all those parameters accurately? So to answer that, a tool is used which monitors all those factors and gives reports in the form of grades. The process is called SEO audit and the report is called SEO audit report.

What is an SEO audit: 

It is the process of identifying how well your website is performing by measuring its SEO and basic social media connectivity factors which affect its ranking.

seo audit

The purpose of SEO audit is used to measure:

On-page SEO factors

Website structure

Usability factors

Technical SEO factors

Some off-page factors

You have to perform a SEO audit for your website on a regular basis. so that you will be in touch with the current state of your site and what’s happening on your site. try to correct any mistakes as per recommendations. 

What is seo audit report:  

seo audit report should be comprehensive. it should explain all the parameters in detail. it should be easy to understand. mention how these issues are going to affect your online presence and rankings. 

SEO optimer:

Firstly it will give you a generic grade for your page as per the performance of whole parameters. as well as it will suggest a number of recommended improvements which you have to correct to improve the functioning of your site. you will get the date and time of report which you generated.

it will give you a picture of your site on the search engine result page.

the factors measured are: 

A.on page seo results:

it will show the result of your site on page seo in the form of grade and comment like your on page seo could e better or yoru on page seo is excellent. we know the importance of optimizing your website for search engine and users. it will help to increase quality and quantity fo traffci to your website through organci search engine results. 

in seo audit report on page seo results are divided into sections:

A. html header:

title tag and meta description tag are the two important factors of html header.

1.Title tag: it is the headline of your page which help to understand crawler the topic of your page. the character limit for title tag is upto 60 characters. so you have to make sure that your title tag is within this limit. in the report it will show you the actual length of your title tag.

2.meta description tag:

a meta description is the in brief explaination or summary of your page which helps to give information to crawler about your site. it should be upto 160 characters. optimize your site description as per recommendation.

B. Body content:

This section is totally related to the content which you have written on your site. 

1. header tags:

while writing content you have to explain it step by step with header tags. it is helpful for crawler as well as users. it help to cralw your website with speed. also dut to stepwise explaination users engagement on your site also increases. header tags are from h1 to h6. make sure that you are not missing its sequence. give only one h1 tag for each page.use h2 for sub point and h3 for sub sub point. it helps to singnal search engines the important content topics of your page and keywords for which it should rank. 

in the report it will shou you header tag type with its frequencyin your content. for detail explaination it can also show you the tag and its value which you have used on you site. 

graph: which represent the performance of all your above parameters.

you can download this report as pdf and also share this on facebook or twitter . there is also option of crawl website and copy report url.

there is option for review child pages of your website. 

2. keyword consistency:

before writing the content you divide the keywords as primary, secondary and latent semantic indexing keywords. you have to use the main focused keywords with well distribution all over the html tags such as in title or headline, meta titl and meta description. in the audit results it will show the report for individual keywords. you can see kthe keyword with how many times you used it in title, meta description tag, headings tags and its frequency per page. it also shows the phrases used in title and meta tags with its frequency. 

3. Amount content:

it shows how long is your content. make sure your content is long so that it will help for better ranking on search engine result page. if your content is thin then it will recommend you to improve its length then you have to optimize it as per suggestions.

4. image alt attributes:

we all know that crawlers cant read images. and images are the one which adds more value to our content. it makes your content more attractive and user friendly. so you have to add in short information of your image is alt tags so that crawler will understand and read your image. 


this section gives the report of noindex tag test and noindex header test. if you have used any tag from above which prevents indexing then it will gives you report about it. 

D. other technical factors:

this section is totally related with technical parameters of website. These directly affects on the ranking of your site and if you will optimize these factors then it will make site crawler friendly.

1. ssl enabled:

ssl is secure socket layer. it is a data filr which is hosted in a website’s origin server. after applying it to your domain name it converts from http to https. it provides security and enables encrypted connection. so whether you have applied ssl certificate for your site or not will be shown in this section.

2.https redirect:

whether your page successfully redirects to a https version or not is checked here. 

3. robots.txt:

by using robots.txt file you can inform crawler which file you want to crawl and which you don’t. it helps to prevent unnecessary crawling. crawler can crawl whole website within its budget. you can hide sensitive information also. put your domain and forward slash and type robots.txt. you will get robots.txt filr for your site. in wordpress your file is created automatically because of plugins used. it will inform you whether your site has robots.txt filr or not.

4. xml sitemaps

: xml sitemap is the collection of all the links present on your site at one place. it helps to improve the speed of crawler on your site.you have to create these sitemap file and submit at root directory of your site. if this file is not present on your site then it will recommend you to submit it. 

5. Analytics :

we all know google analytics is the tool which helps to understand how audience is interacting with your site. so you will get to know your users belongs to which country, language,device etc. so this section informs you whether you have connectd with your site with google analytics account or not.

6. Schema.org structured data:

schema structured site makes your website userfriendly and search engine friendly also. so you have to make your site schema optimized. this section suggest about theat.

D. Rankings

:  it is the fourth section of seo audit report. in this section it will show you the top keyword and its rankings. it will showl you as per country language its position its total searches and estimated traffics also.you can track these keyword rankings also. there is another section for total traffic from search where you can predict its monthly traffic volume. in keyword position section it will show you the position of keywords as per rankings.


In this section, it gives report of number of backlinks, your sites on page link structure and friendly links.

1. Number of backlinks: you are able to see information about your pages backlinks within this report 

2. On page link structure: it will give information about internal links and external links of your site. how many links are helping to increase engagement of audience and how many are sending authority to other sites. you can see overall report here.

3. Friendly links: if some of your link urls do not appear friendly to humans or search engines then it will inform you to optimize it. 

It suggests to make links as readable ads possible by reducing length, file names, code strings and special characters


usability of your site is its performance across devices. it helps to maximize your available audience and mizimize user bounce rates which can indirectly affect your search engine rankings. it shows its performance with images on both ;mobile and desktop or tab. it is important that your page is optimized for mobile and tablet experiences as today the majority of web traffic comes from these sources.it consist of sections of use of mobile viewports. flash used or not, iframes used,  you have used favicon or not. favicon is a way to increase brand visibility and make your page more recognizable when browsing amongst multiple browser tabs or bookmarks..email privacy, legible font sizes and tap target sizing options are also there. 


in this section it gives info pf page speed of your site. it informs how much your page is reasonalbly respnsive for users or there is still need of improvement. googd perormance of page ensure a good user experience and resucees bounce rates. page speed info is given in three steps as server response, all page content loaded response and all page scripts complete.


It gives info on whether your page is connected to some social media accounts or not. you have to connect your site to facebook, use of facebo;ok pixel and dtwitter connected or not. your site is connected to instagram, you tube of linkedinn or not all this information is given in social secion.


SEO Audit is a good guider for your site which helps to optimize your site by monitoring different factors in SEO. So you should perform SEO audit for your site on regular basis. Which tool you use for audit let me know!

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