The list of best major used various digital marketing modules

What are digital marketing modules is the question of every beginner in digital marketing. Whether you are running a website or blog, you try to rank it on a search engine result page. But after ranking on SERP your task is not over. You share it on social media platforms. When you want quick results, you run paid advertising. All these efforts will fail if you are not providing quality content from time to time. Then to retain your past and present customers, you try to educate them through emails. In this way, you try to build trust with them. What we understood is that digital marketing revolves around different modules. You can not depend on only one or two modules. It is integrated marketing. The most important digital marketing modules are here: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing.

digital marketing modules

First of all, make sure you know what digital marketing is. We all know the marketing of products and services using banners, newspapers etc. but these are all traditional marketing techniques. But it has some limitations while doing that. To overcome these limitations digital marketing is used. 

What is digital marketing:

It is online marketing. It is the promotion of your product and services using internet-based digital technologies like mobiles, computers etc. 

You are able to target your customers online by using digital communication methods. For this, you have to optimize your site so that it will be easily found by the target audience. It is all about digital platforms, digital media and digital devices.

Why digital marketing:

Here you can understand it by comparing both types of marketing that is traditional marketing and digital marketing:

Traditional marketing: 

It is the process of promoting your product or services using offline techniques like banners. By using this technique you can not reach up to a maximum number of users. It is costly and you can not edit your banners at any time. Also, you can not target a specific audience. It is hard to analyze the changing behaviour of your users. User tracking is not possible.

Digital Marketing:

It is the technique of promoting your product or services using online techniques. Using this technique you can reach up to the maximum audience. It is cost-effective and you can edit it at any time anywhere. You can target specific audiences and track their demand and changing behaviour.

 The list of digital marketing modules:

1.Search Engine Optimization: 

Search engine optimization is the technique in which you are going to optimize your site in such a way that it will help you to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your site through organic search engine results.


We know that to rank on a search engine result page you have to optimize and go through the 200 factors of google. The first step you have to perform in search engine optimization is keyword research. Find primary, secondary and latent semantic indexing keywords for your niche. Then at the time of optimizing meta title and meta description, mention those keywords into it. meta title and meta description are the meta tags that are HTML elements. These are read by crawlers.

It helps the crawler to understand the actual topic of your site and then it can perform the indexing. Then optimization of URL structure, image optimization, header tags, these functions are also performed in search engine optimization. There is another section which is technical SEO in which focus on the speed of your site. your site should load fast. Add robots.txt file which will help to hide pages that you don’t want to crawl by the crawler. Add an XML sitemap file that will improve the speed of the robot on your site.

There are two types of search engine optimization and these are on-page activity and off-page activity. Above mentioned tasks are performed on the site hence called on-page activity. The on-page activity makes your site search engine and user friendly. The tasks which are performed outside of your site are called off-page activities. These activities help to improve the position of your site on search engine result pages. It generates more backlinks and helps to do link building. 

2. Search engine marketing: 

Search engine optimization is a totally organic process. you didn’t invest money. But for quick results, you can’t rely only on organic traffic. Because SEO is the time taking process to show results.


hence if you want some quick results you have to invest in Google AdWords. it is called search engine marketing or PPC advertising.  It is the promotion of your products or services by increasing their visibility but through paid advertising. You have to run ad campaigns and target the most searchable keywords into them. when you search any query in the search box then the first options are with Ad tag are the results of google ads that is search engine marketing. When users query match with exactly targeted keyword in google ads campaign then these results are shown.

3. Social media marketing:

Have you seen social media icons on any service website or blog website? Always right? Yes, social media has become an important part of our life now. By mentioning those icons on your site user can easily share them on social platforms.


It also helps to improve your search engine optimization ranking. You can also create posts about your site and share its link. The users will be redirected to your site after clicking on it. It will improve your traffic and indirectly ranking on the search engine result page. You can use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In etc. But choose your specific platform for promotion carefully based on the type of services you are providing. 

4. Social media advertising:

When you share your services or blog posts on social media platforms with your friends, it doesn’t mean all are interested and well known about your niche. By organic social media marketing, you can target only a limited audience. Only a small audience will interact with your posts. To overcome these problems you have to do paid advertising of services on social media platforms called social media advertising. Run the campaigns of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc based on your business requirement. Target those platforms on which your users spend most of the time. In this process, Facebook will reach up to your target audience and will help to improve interaction with the audience. It helps to generate more traffic and sales for your business. Enjoy likes, comments and shares also sales for your site.

5. Email Marketing:

It is the process of sending a commercial message to your leads or subscribers about your business or services. You observe when you visit any site, a popup comes and asks you to subscribe to their site for more updates and notifications.

email marketing

On some sites, they provide forms and ask to subscribe. When a user subscribes, the webmasters create a list of those users and send them emails from time to time. Don’t send all promotional emails otherwise they will irritate and will unsubscribe you. You have to send some educational email also which will actually help them to improve their knowledge. It builds trust with your audience. You can keep in touch with your past and present audience also.

 If you have some festival offers on your products or services then this information also you can send them through email. Email newsletters, welcome emails, lead nurturing emails, sponsorship emails, re-engagement emails, brand story emails are some of the types of email marketing in digital marketing. Whether it is educating or any type of email, you should add a call to action in it carefully.  Use catchy subjects in your emails that will increase click rates and will help to generate more leads.

6. Content Marketing:

We all know content is king! But consistent and quality content creates a kingdom. It is the most important module in digital marketing. It has a high demand. It is a technique of creating quality and user-defined content to attract an audience relevant to your niche. Content can be present in any form like text, images, videos, gifs, etc. Content should be easy to understand. User-friendly content helps to increase traffic on your site and time spent on your site. Researching, writing, editing are some steps involved in content marketing. Content should be catchy which will push the user to take action. Articles, ebooks, webinars are also content marketing parts. Nowadays content in the form of visuals is more preferred. As time passes the types of content are also changing.  In blogging, there is more demand for infographics and images. To generate leads the content in the form of a lead magnet is also generated to force users to take quick action. 


In brief, to run your business successfully, you should create your online presence. These six modules are going to help you to track your target audience and generate sales. Remember you can not rely on only a few modules. You have to use all these modules step by step. This integrated module structure is a strategy for your site. Which module you use the most for your business let me know in the chatbox!


1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of your products or services using digital technologies such as mobile phones, laptops etc. It is promoting products with the help of the internet using digital platforms.

2.How many modules are there in digital marketing?

There are six main modules in digital marketing which are : search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, email marketing and content marketing.

3. What to study to become a digital marketer?

To become a digital marketer you have to study the modules such as search engine optimization, google ads, social media marketing, Facebook ads and email marketing. You should be able to create content for your business. You can learn these modules by joining training course also.

4. Is digital marketing a good career?

As we know that today’s business promotion has totally shifted from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Whether you have branded big shops or small local shops, you have to reach up to your target audience. Hence almost all small to big businesses need their promotions of products or services. Hence due to the increasing demand for online presence, you have scope in all types of field for digital marketing. Hence it is a great career.

5.What are the subjects in digital marketing?

Firstly you should be perfect in browsing google. Your analytical skills should be great. Because digital marketing is all about analysis. It consists of subjects like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and advertising, website building, content marketing and google analytics and google search console.

6. Is coding required for digital marketing?

Having coding knowledge is good but nowadays websites are created without coding with the help of WordPress. To optimize your site for SEO also you can add meta titles and descriptions without coding. Due to the invention of different plugins and their functions for digital marketing coding is not required.

7. What is the latest trend in digital marketing?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization and data driven marketing are the latest trends in digital marketing.

8. Does SEO require coding?

In search engine optimization (SEO) you have to create your site user friendly and search engine friendly. For that, you must focus on mentioning keywords and optimizing them for results. We have to mention these in meta tags that is meta title and description. But with the help of tools and plugins, we can add it very easily with certain character limits. So for SEO, there is no requirement of coding. Also for header tags and URL optimization special options are present. WordPress helps to perform these functions without coding. Hense SEO doesn’t require coding.

9.Who can join a digital marketing course?

There is no age limit or qualification required to join a digital marketing course. Some people join because they want to grow their business online on their own. Some want to help others to improve their online presence and look at this field as a career. So anyone can join a digital marketing course as per their goal.

10. Is digital marketing hard to learn?

To start with digital marketing you should have basic knowledge of internet browsing and analytical skills. Digital marketing is all about analysis and then planning strategy for it. Analysis of keywords and audience and then plan strategy to achieve goals. If you have these qualities then digital marketing is not hard to learn.

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