Latest Google Algorithm Updates For SEO 2021

Have you observed sudden rank down of your site on the search engine result page? Then don’t panic it means certainly google has updated its new algorithm and your site is not supporting those rules. Before anyone tries to hack their algorithm, google launches new algorithm updates. That’s why it has built trust with users. According to the reports, over 1 billion people actively use Google and its products. You should keep yourself updated with the latest google algorithms. 

Here is a list of google algorithms.

What is the Google algorithm for SEO:

Google algorithms represent rules and regulations of google which we should follow if we rank our site on a search engine result page. 

google algorithms

Why are Google algorithms important?

when we search our query in the search engine box then we get millions of results for a single search within a second. but only a few search results are shown on the first page of the search engine result page. that is only ten best and relevant results are shown on the first page of SERP. then which ten results should be shown on the first page of SERP this is decided by google algorithms from that millions of results. Each parameter is measured by a separate algorithm. That’s why we all get correct and relevant information on google. It helps Google to build trust with its audience. That’s why Google algorithms are important. It works for you by searching our web pages that contain the keywords you used to search. It assigns a rank to each page based on its authority and several factors. 

List of popular google algorithms:


Google Panda is one of the most popular algorithms. It is used to check the quality content of your site. If your content consists of some grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes then it will note down it.


It ranks higher quality content and lowers down the duplicate or low-quality content. The quality score for web pages is given by the panda algorithm. This score is used as a ranking factor for your site. So you should focus on time to time checkup of your site. Perform an SEO audit of your site and find out the repetition of keywords and keyword stuffing. try to fix those errors and create quality content.

To check whether your content is duplicated or not, check it by a plagiarism checker tool and avoid a penalty to your site from the panda algorithm. 


Google Penguin algorithm is used to check the quality backlinks of your site. We all know link building and generating backlinks is the important off-page activity of SEO. it helps to improve the position of your site on the search engine result page. but some webmasters try to perform link farming. they get backlinks for irrelevant sites.


If your backlink is not related to your niche then it can harm your site because it is detected by the penguin algorithm. Also, you should always check the spam score of the site from which you are trying to get a backlink. Penguin detects spam, irrelevant and over-optimized anchor text links and helps to rank down those sites. So make sure that your backlinks are natural. Avoid buying links from link farms and focus on generating natural and relevant links for your site. Check sites backlink with the help of a backlink checker tool and avoid penalty risk.



Google Hummingbird algorithm focuses on each and every word of the search query. It tries to provide better relevant results to search query. We have observed that after searching our query, even if the exact match keyword’s results are not available. It still shows some related results to our query.


Hummingbird algorithm makes it possible for a page to rank for a query even if it does not contain exact match words. It is achieved with the help of latent semantic indexing keywords and synonyms words. So while writing content makes sure that you are also adding latent semantic indexing keywords into it. You can follow the people asked question section on the google search engine result page and try to create quality content based on it.


Whether you have a business website or blog website your 50% of users search from mobile. Knowing the importance of this shift of users from desktop to mobile, Google launched this algorithm.

mobile update

Your site should be as user friendly as it is on the desktop. make your site mobile responsive. SEO audit reports always show you whether a site is mobile responsive or not. 


It is the third most important ranking factor algorithm of google. It is part of the Google Hummingbird algorithm. It acts as a query processor and a machine learning-based search engine algorithm. It helps to provide more relevant results to users’ query by processing them on the search engine result page. It is the core algorithm. Google launched this algorithm because it observed that webmasters try to mention keywords unnecessarily without having any context. So add query specific keywords in your content.  


Google Bert algorithm is used to target poorly written content without context. It allows google to understand more about queries and search results. It is Google’s neural and network-based technique for natural language processing.


Bert stands for bidirectional encoder representations from transformers. So it helps computers to understand the language a bit more like humans. For example when certain words have more than one meaning then it is confusing to google to understand their actual meaning and provide accurate results. To avoid this confusion and provide more accurate results to a search query this algorithm is used.

7. Medic:

Google medic update was launched in 2018. It affected different industries especially web pages of your money, your life (YMYL) pages. It is used to identify the authority and expertise in the field online. So that only expert, quality and authoritative content will get rank on the search engine result page. It lowers down the rank of the site having low expertise, trust and authority. The one way to overcome this problem was to build greater backlinks that will provide you with more authority.


In brief google, the algorithm is a complex system that is used to fetch the best data from the search index and provide relevant results to users on the search engine result page. We know that there are already 200 google’s ranking factors which we should fulfil to rank our site. and to measure these factors and parameters google algorithms are generated. it ranks quality content and lowers the poor content. Because of these rules and conditions, we trust google and it has become our friend who knows everything. Which one algorithm has impacted your site? Let me know in the comment box.

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