Digital Marketing Tools To Simplify Your Business Life And Blogging

Whether you are running a blog or having a business website, we all want to rank our site on the first page of the search engine result page. But to get that result we should correct all errors of our site and make it user friendly and crawler friendly. Create attractive content which will improve click rate.

But for this you need to use some tools which help to automate this process and will guide us. Digital marketing tools definition is as these are the software which helps to improve and automate the functioning of sites.

We can test and measure the performance of our campaigns very easily using tools. Also, it shows some predictable results by measuring which you can create your campaigns. The most important for the success of digital marketing is the selection of the right tools for digital marketing.

digital marketing tools

Google digital marketing tools are the base for all functioning of sites and businesses. If we use the right tool at the right time then only we save our time and efforts. We can’t say that these ten tools are best for digital marketing or any entrepreneur. It depends on the type of your business. 

There are different types of best digital marketing tools based on their function and your strategy. Here I am going to explain some basic digital marketing tools and techniques.

Digital Marketing Tools for  SEO:



We all know what SEO is? It helps to increase the visibility of our site on search engine result pages. The tools used for search engine optimization depends on their types and functions.

There are other tool types i. e. SEO plugins also help to optimize your sites work very easily. To improve the crawling and indexing of your site, you have to choose SEO tools very carefully.

You have to do an SEO audit of your site from time to time. Here are some free tools that are provided by Google which helps to understand how your website is performing on the search engine result page. You can use these tools for startups also.

Google Analytics: 

google analytics tools

 It is the best free tool provided by Google which helps to understand how the audience is interacting with your site. It helps to analyze how much traffic comes from  SEO and from SEM. It uses javascript code to collect information from websites. It consists of features such as real-time, audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversions.

You are able to see the number of current visitors on your site also by using a real-time feature. In the audience section, you can see the overview of users. Their demographics i.e. language, country, city. In the system section, you can see the browser, operating system and service provider of users.

In this way, it tracks all the content that receives views and shares. This tracking will help you in google ads also. This analyzed data will help you to target your audience and their country or area. 

Google Search Console:

google search console 

It is also a free tool provided by Google which helps to understand how crawlers interact with your site. It is used to measure your site’s traffic and performance. If your site has some technical issues then it gives you notifications. It has different features of performance, URL inspection, coverage, page experience, links etc.

In the URL inspection section, you can see whether your site is visible on Google or not and it has been indexed by google crawler or not. If not then you can send the request for quick indexing.

In the link section, you can check the quality backlinks of your site. It helps to check the validity and excluded pages of a site. In the sitemap section, you can submit the URL of your sitemap which improves the speed of the crawler on your site. 

Google page speed insights tool:

You know the importance of fast speed websites. If your site does not load faster then you can lose your traffic and it also improves the bounce rate of your site. Page speed insights is the free tool used to make your web pages fast on all devices.

Paste your link here and analyze. It measures your site’s performance on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Social media optimization tools

Before performing any task on social media you have to analyze your audience. Based on that choose the correct platform for your business. then create a strategy based on requirements.

while doing that look at your competitors also. you will get more ideas. execute your strategies as per creation. 


 Social media optimization is important because it helps to build a strong web presence for your business. It helps to increase the authority of your brand. Here are some of the tools which will help you in social media optimization. 

 It is a link management tool. it shortens your link and shares and analyzes the links to content. you can create and share your bitlinks and track their performance from mobile devices also.

Bitly offers its basic service for free. Then you can use premium plans with a custom domain and use more features. They have a default service on Twitter and other applications. It gives statistics for each URL by analysing it you can predict how productive it is.


It acts as a  tool for social media information resources. It is a trusted resource for dependable reviews and social media tutorials. it guides you from time to time to keep your social media profiles on top. it quickly checks the social presence of a particular keyword for the brand name.


 It is a free tool. It is a real-time social search tool. used for social media search and analysis in real-time. You have to paste your link in the search bar and it will show you all the mentions about it. It also gives information about top keywords, top users, top hashtags and sources also.


Digital marketing tools for social media:

 In this, you are going to use social media or networks to promote your products or services. It helps to increase engagement with current customers as well as to reach out to new ones.

There are some tools that help you to automate this process. These tools reduce your efforts and time. It also ensures your content reaches the right audience at the right time. You can prefer use based on prices, their free plan or free trial, service support also.

smm tools 


It is one of the famous tools. More than 75000 companies trust buffers. Any type of brands, businesses, bloggers or agencies trusts it. If you want to improve your task more efficiently then you can try this. Their customer support is also great. By publishing your content across social channels you can analyze your campaigns also.

Just measure the performance of your campaign and create reports and make changes to achieve your goals. you can plan and schedule your social media campaigns to drive engagement on social media networks.

It helps to measure the performance of your content. And thus by improving it you will be able to build relationships with your audience. It has mentioned its extra features also like story planner, shop grid, first comment, stories and post analytics, build custom reports and Instagram tagging.


It is the tool where you can manage all your social media accounts. It has published, engage, monitor, advertise and analyze features. you can schedule and share content with your profiles. then you have to address incoming messages and deliver timely replies.

It informs you about market trends and competitors. It also helps to promote your organic content and manage paid ads. Then you can measure your results across all social networks. It can connect with over 35 social networks.


It is one place to organize all your marketing tasks with marketing calendar software. It saves your time and helps with the management of work from any place.

Their products are marketing calendar and marketing suite. A marketing calendar helps you see, schedule and share your marketing. Real-time marketing calendar, social publishing and automation, save custom views of the calendar are some of its features. The marketing suite isn’t helpful to coordinate your team, projects and process. Some of its features are managing marketing requests, automating team workflows, sort calendars by the team, and tracking team progress.

Content creation: 

We all know that content is king but constant quality content is the kingdom. So you have to choose the content creation tools very carefully. Blogging, photography, videos, images, articles are some forms of content. Doing research, ideation, writing then edition and publishing are the steps of creating content. You can analyze the topics by using the buzzsumo tool also. 

content creation tools

Answer the public:

 It is a free content idea generation tool. You have to type brand, product, keyword in the search box. It will show you the visualisation in the form of wh questions related to your query. It shows all those queries for which users are searching. It also shows the results in the form of a conjunction such as like, or, versus, vs, and etc. In this way by analyzing visualization of topics you can then write blog articles on it. 


 It is one of the best image creation tools and also infographics and post creation tools. it provides different templates for social media such as Instagram stories, posts, FB posts and covers, LinkedIn banners etc. You can design resumes, cards, posters and newsletters also. It helps to create business presentations, logos and business letterheads also.

Nowadays infographics are the trending design for blogging. It improves communications with eye-catching presentations. It is the best tool to create simple and engaging infographics. You can easily convert plain and complex information into attractive infographics.  It provides different types of templates such as timelines, reports, processes, resumes, comparisons etc. They have almost 3 million users till now.


It is fast and easy to use the app to personalize your videos. You can give sound effects such as animal noises, applause etc. Adjust video speed and give slow motion also. You can trim the video i. e. cut out any unwanted moments. It has a subtitles feature by which you can type your own message onto a video, merge multiple clips into one. You can share videos on Instagram, Facebook, youtube and Snapchat also. The music feature allows you to integrate your favourite songs into your video.



In brief, digital marketing tools help to build a business by improving our tasks. Some tools are free and some of them have a paid version with additional features. You have to choose as per your business requirements. Which one is your favourite tool let me know in the comment box!


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